Orbital greetings from ISS

Alexander Gerst wearing the Double Sensor for "Circadian Rhythms"

Charité Experiment on ISS - Circadian Rhythms

news about our current research - click for video

International Congress of Medicine in Space

Successfully took place in Berlin, September 16th - 19th, 2014

Nathan Zuntz - pioneer in altitude physiology

his Life and Work by Prof. Dr. Hanns-Christian Gunga

From Space to Earth

technologies brought from space research to our all day life

From Earth to Space

research from earth to serve humans in space

ALMA Hypobaric Research Project

high altitude research in chile

Exercise in Extreme Environments

Measurements at the Yukon Arctic Ultramarathon

Cognitive Function in Space

research regarding executive function

Mars 500

a simulated journey to the red planet


research aboard the International space Station

Charité Cross Over

Where we are based

Prof. Gunga at NASA Interview

Explaining our current research in space - click for interview